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Use your vote in the U.K. General Election on May 6th 2010!

Greetings sisters and brothers! I hope that all goes well with you and yours, and that your spirits have risen with the temperatures following the worst winter weíve experienced for the last three decades? Those of you who have followed my work over the years will have undoubtedly realised that Iíve always taken a keen interest in politics. I was writing lyrics about political, social and environmental issues long before it became fashionable to do so.

Thirteen years of Labour Ďgovernmentí have left Britain in a very sorry state indeed. Our nation is practically bankrupt and our society is in complete and utter disarray. Despite this fact our country is currently at war in foreign lands; engaged in the illegal conflicts for oil instigated by George W. Bush and Tony Blair. These needless wars will eventually prove to have had absolutely no winners whatsoever; and by then will have cost countless innocent lives and many billions of squandered Pounds and Dollars that could in my most humble opinion have been far better spent upon schools, hospitals and renewable sources of energy in order to combat the imminent threat to our fragile planet now posed by drastic climate change.

I have studied each of the U.K. party manifestos, and after much careful deliberation Iíve decided to cast my vote for the Liberal Democrats on May 6th www.libdems.org.uk Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems have by far the best policies; and are the only party to display the fresh, honest approach to politics that Britain so desperately needs during the difficult times ahead. The result of the forthcoming General Election will have profound and far-reaching effects for us all, so whatever your political allegiance it is vital that you use your vote and make sure your voice is heard. A great many people have fought and died so that we may live today in a democracy, and we each owe it to their memories to make the effort and visit a Polling Station on May 6th. Martin Walkyier www.theclandestined.com

New songs from The Clan Destined coming soon!!!

It is my great pleasure to announce that I am currently working upon writing and recording some brand-new material for The Clan Destined. Due to the literally thousands of emails and messages Iíve received from you kind people via the TCD website and my MySpace page, I have now decided that the time has come to compose a follow-up to the critically acclaimed ďIn The Big Ending...Ē c.d. and DVD release. I also promised my father that I would write something to honour his memory just one week before he died in February 2007; and as Iím sure you will all appreciate, this was a very heartfelt oath that I feel morally obliged to fulfil.

I am both honoured and privileged to have recently recruited the exceptionally talented guitarist and composer Jacqui Taylor to The Clan Destined cause. Jacqui is precisely the kind of musician that I have always dreamed of eventually meeting for very many years now, the type of person who takes her music as seriously as I have always done. Jacqui practices her guitar for at least eight hours per day, which is the kind of sincere dedication weíre talking about here! Working together with Jacqui Taylor is truly a breath of fresh air and a brand-new beginning for both myself and The Clan Destined. Anyone who doubts what Iím saying is more than welcome to visit Jacquiís www.jacquitaylor.co.uk website to see just why Iím so intensely excited about our current collaboration. Despite the fact that I have never earned a vast fortune from making my music, my sincere and honest approach to my creativity thankfully means that I have the support of a small army of fans and a few loyal friends. One person undoubtedly worthy of mention is my old comrade and fellow band-mate in Skyclad and Return To The Sabbat, the drummer Jay Graham who presently is battering the skins with his band Ravens Creed. Jay will be recording the drums and percussion (and maybe also playing some keyboards) on the new recordings from The Clan Destined. Iím currently looking for people who have what it takes to join together with me in this creative endeavour, both in the studio and at live TCD concerts (you know who you are!). If you feel that you have what it takes to be a member of The Clan Destined, then please donít hesitate to get in contact me via the official website www.theclandestined.com

Iíve also spent the last few months setting-up my own 24-track recording studio, to facilitate the composition and recording of these new TCD demo tracks for you all. As Iím sure you can imagine, for a man normally accustomed to working with words, competent sound-engineering is a skill that I have as yet to acquire. Yet, as with my understanding of the German language; this is something that only time, patience, good ears and just the few active brain cells remaining to me will undoubtedly learn to fully comprehend. Many thanks to you all for taking the time to read this TCD press-release. All of my very brightest blessings to you and yours. May your guardian-spirits be with you always! Martin Walkyier


The Clan Destined Recordings Finally Released!

Greetings to you my Sisters and Brothers! It is with an enormous sense of both pride and pleasure that I'm presently able to announce that The Clan Destined "In The Big EndingÖ" c.d. demo recordings are now available to purchase exclusively from the merchandise page of the TCD website. This unique 6-track compact disc is the end result of over three years hard work, and the literally many thousands of hours of intense creativity that have been invested in this worthwhile project by numerous talented individuals from all over the world. As this may yet prove to be my final ever musical release, it is my heartfelt intention that this c.d. should be released in a strictly limited-edition format which will pay tribute not only to those who made it all happen, but that it may also prove to be a fitting epitaph to my own varied musical career which has to date spanned almost two decades.

Everything about this release is absolute premium quality, but I also wish to ensure that it is great value for money. I have collaborated with some highly interesting musicians on this project, so it's my deepest desire that it should finally reach you in a package that is built to last, and therefore I've paid every attention to even the smallest detail. It was most expertly produced in a very short space of time by world-renowned guitar gods Andy Sneap and James Murphy, who also even play some blistering guitar solos on these exclusive TCD tracks! Andy Sneap & Martin Walkyier working together after all these years since the Sabbat days is something that should really set tongues wagging all around the worldwide Metal scene :

The artwork for this release has all been done by the awesome Irish artist Paul McCarroll, whom I know for a fact has spent at least the best part of the last twelve months making very certain that everything is absolutely 666% perfect in the visual imagery department. I have therefore chosen to release the TCD "In The Big EndingÖ" c.d. in an Amaray DVD box format. Not only because it truly was absolutely the optimum way to display Paul McCarroll's most outstanding work, but also due to the fact that I reckon that these 'indestructible' boxes will withstand practically anything short of a nuclear explosion, not instantly dropping to bits like most conventional crappy c.d. jewel cases do after merely a moment's use.

When you purchase The Clan Destined "In The Big EndingÖ" c.d. package you will also receive a limited-edition t-shirt exclusively designed by the highly talented Pagan artist & sculptor Neil Sims, who initially chose to pursue a full-time artistic career after listening to the Sabbat track "Horned Is The Hunter". My next venture following the release of this TCD c.d. will be to finally begin work upon a book of short stories illustrated by this most clever young man. These t-shirts are hand screen-printed in my own factory on 100% cotton shirts, and will be the fitting accompaniment to what may yet prove to be the highlight of my lengthy musical career.

Once again I would dearly like to thank all those among you who have sent encouraging emails to The Clan Destined website. It is largely due to the support and friendship you have shown me that these TCD recordings have actually reached fruition. I truly could never have done any of this without your enduring and selfless commitment to our noble cause.

I Am Because We Are! Martin Walkyier. www.theclandestined.com

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