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Will The Real Clan Destined Please Stand Up?

Greetings my sisters and brothers! I hope that this news update finds you all in good health and high-spirits? I’m sorry that it has been such a long while since I’ve written anything on here, but my elderly father’s rapidly deteriorating health has been taking up ever more of my time and efforts lately. Much has been happening, and I would like to take a moment to bring you up-to-date with the events of the past few months.

Iscariah (Stian Smoerholm) quit The Clan Destined in December 2004 for his own personal reasons, leaving me with the most daunting task of single-handedly completing the songs and recordings we had been working upon together for almost two years. I cannot begin to explain to you how truly saddened I was by Iscariah’s sudden decision to depart TCD, as up until that time I had been enjoying our unique and innovative musical collaboration enormously.

To be honest dear reader the first few months of 2005 were not the most joyous time for me. What with family matters to deal with, and a very unfinished demo to complete for The Clan Destined with little hope of any success in sight. Not wishing to waste the countless hours that had already been invested in this project by myself, Iscariah and several other renowned musicians, I set about the job of completing the “In The Big Ending…” recordings in the most efficient and effective way available to me at that time. As I’m sure you can probably imagine, many sleepless nights were spent with my head in my hands over this unfortunate turn of events; (but thankfully it seems my prayers were not totally in vain). The Goddess sometimes moves in the most mysterious ways!

The Clan Destined 6-track demo recordings are now finished, mixed and ready for public release as soon as a suitable licensing agreement can be negotiated. It is my heartfelt wish that the “In The Big Ending…” demo tracks should be released as a lasting memorial to the TCD band which almost was, and to what it might eventually have become had it only been given a fair chance to shine. The full story of exactly how this demo was completed is a tale I do not have the time to entertain you with at present. It is however a gripping yarn filled with numerous heroes and villains, plus more twists and turns of fortune than I’d previously encountered in almost 20 years of making Metal music. I feel compelled however to bring two worthy names to your attention. They are those of Andy Sneap and James Murphy; the gentlemen whose kindness, true friendship and creative support were my ‘solid rock’ during what proved to be a most turbulent time. I shall never forget the assistance and encouragement they gave me, as well as the enormous part they played in creating the TCD demo tunes you’re all finally about to hear. Working together with Andy and James was the best fun I’d had all year, the many laughs and late nights of mixing we shared are memories that I’ll cherish forever. Horns ablaze there Metal brothers!

I’m fully aware that there have been several deeply malicious things written about me on the internet and printed in the Metal press of late. I have neither the free time or mindset to even dignify such comments with a reply, and would greatly appreciate being allowed to concentrate upon far more important issues right now. I must say however that it never was, or ever would be, my intention to ‘steal’ either Iscariah’s music or his royalties, and I strongly resent each and every statement that has been issued saying the contrary. I may be many things, but a thief is most certainly not one of them! Those responsible for this childish slander should be aware that it constitutes what is known as ‘defamation of character’. My lawyer has been a frequent visitor to the various internet message-boards and forums lately. He tells me that his finger is sore from clicking on copy & paste, and has dutifully noted-down all that’s been circulated, when, where and by whom it was written.

Having done much thinking and soul-searching following recent events, I have finally come to the firm and final conclusion that “In The Big Ending…” will be my last ever musical release. As I’m certain you’re aware, I’m not normally known for being a quitter - but this time things have truly gone too far I’m afraid. I always knew that constructing this TCD band would be very hard work, but could never have even imagined that it would end with this pathetic kind of kindergarten squabbling, immature gossip and wicked Chinese-whispers. I guess everyone has their stiff-upper-lip-limit, and sadly as far as making music goes, I’ve just reached mine. I have done my utmost to complete this demo as promised, to the best of my ability with the resources and forward-thinking people available. I would like the “In The Big Ending…” songs to be a tribute to the good times we all shared, as well as to this set of unique recordings we’ve collectively created. I dearly hope that its long-awaited release will not be tarnished in any way by the legal action which will swiftly ensue should these defamatory remarks not now cease immediately.

I would like to end this news update on a rather more positive note, (no pun intended). It is an example of what can be achieved by musicians cooperating as a team, even if they are working under the most unusual and often very difficult circumstances. A finished mix of our TCD cover-version of the track “T.C. Lethbridge!” by The Sons Of T.C. Lethbridge is now available for you to check-out as an mp3 on The Clan Destined downloads page. I would like to thank all those of who have sent me messages of support to this TCD homepage, you have been a source of inspiration and encouragement during my darkest hours. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all those of you who have helped to turn this mini-c.d. dream into a shining reality; whether by purchasing a t-shirt from the homepage, or offering your talents and services to The Clan Destined cause. You have assisted in making my final release into something that we can all be collectively proud of - I Am Because We Are! To the very few short sighted people who have attempted at every turn to prevent these recordings from reaching completion I have only the following words to say; “No spoken or written word can ever be a substitute for one’s own practical experience. No one too can convince another who does not wish to believe what he is told. Only the doubter loses by his incredulity!” T.C. Lethbridge ‘Ghost & Ghoul’ Chapter 1, page 26.

May your guardian spirits be with you always!

Martin Walkyier on behalf of The Clan Destined. www.theclandestined.com

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